Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vagabond Owners...DON'T do what I did!!!

I love , love , LOVE my Vagabond! It is my absolute most favorite tool in my craftroom.  If you have one, I'm sure you understand, right? This baby is worth it's weight in gold!  Now I thought I was a good Vagabond owner, I use it faithfully, talk sweetly to it, keep it from getting dusty, use wonderful Dies and Embossing Folders in it..yup, yup, thought I was good to my Vagabond.   Well I wasn't!

Today I was working on my Tag and ready to emboss some Grungepaper...put my sandwich into the Vagabond, turned it on and heard a funny noise then it stopped.  I tried to reverse it and it made a horrible grinding noise. I unplugged it and had a cry..then I got very angry with myself.  I foolishly used Cuttlebug cutting plates/mats instead of my Sizzix cutting plates!

How often have I heard Tim tell us in a video to only use Sizzix Accessories? MANY times, did I follow his advice? NO   I am madder than a wet myself! 

Please don't use "other" brand accessories with your Vagabond...use the tried and true SIZZIX accessories!!  Don't kill your Vagabond!!  You can see my sandwich stuck in the machine in the photos above. 


  1. I've done the same thing. Keep trying to get it out manually and using the button when it lets you, and when it's out it should work least mine did. Hope it fixes itself!!!

  2. I jammed mine bad too, like Anita said keep working with it. Mine would move a small amount and than I would let it rest, do it again and after quite some time it came out and works fine. I hope you can get yours to do the same.

  3. I feel your pain! I was SO angry with myself! after a good cry I asked my hubby for help. It was no use. He simply said, well it's a tool isn't it? Sometimes tools need to be replaced, how many times has he replaced a drill or saw? In the big scheme of things he was right. So, learn from your mistake and soldier on, you are not alone!

  4. I also jammed mine up with a "too fat sandwich," and after working with it, pushing and pulling, it came free. I pushed the button, and pulled. I enlisted my hubby's strong grip, and between us both, we freed the platform, Spellbinder die, two sheets of Spellbinder rubber, and the two plates. The plates were warped, curved so badly, they were unusable. I had heard about heating up badly warped and scarred plates, so I gave it a try. It worked! The plates were nearly clear again, and were straight! Amazing. Google the "how to"!

  5. Oh, and the Vagabond still works! It is an amazing tool. I have had one other jam, but not as bad at this latest one!