Monday, June 3, 2013

We got rid of our Verizon Wireless Accounts...SO thrilled with Republic!!!

Heads up to my U.S. Family and Friends, if you're sick and tired of paying an arm and a leg for cell service you seriously need to read this. 
In a nutshell: 
If you're tired of the big contract bills...this is for you.
If you have Verizon or Sprint tower service in your area...this is for you.
If you want real UNLIMITED Talk , Text, Web on a smartphone..this is for you.

Jim and I switched from Verizon a little over a month ago to Republic.  We paid 99.00 for each of our phones and our monthly fee is $29.00  for absolute UNLIMITED Talk, Text and Web.  I can even call my Family and Friends in Canada with NO extra charges!!!!  Republic gives you too options, you can buy the phone for 249.00 and only pay 19.00 a month for your service or go the route we did, pay 99 for the phone and 29.00 a month for your service. NO Contracts, NO throttling of speed  EVER!!  I wish I'd found Republic a couple of years ago.
At the moment they only offer one phone which is the Motorola Defy XT however they will be offering other phones near fall.  The other cool thing about Republic is the phones also work via wifi...for calling as cool is that?!!!  The only thing these phones can't do at this time is send photo msgs, so we downloaded Voxer and WhatsAp...both of them allow us to send photo msgs...Voxer is my favorite because you can also do real time walkie talkie msgs with your contacts :-) 
Once you get your phone (we had our phones within 3 days of ordering) you can go to Kingsland (or wherever the Sprint Tower service area is near you) to access the Sprint tower and activate the phone..after that you just work off of wifi and/or the Verizon and/or Sprint towers. 
I can honestly say I am 100 % happy with this service. I love being able to talk to my Canadian Family and Friends at no extra cost, love having a smart phone, and love being able to finally watch Youtube stuff that I couldn't watch before because of the bandwidth limits on our home internet. 

I am NOT being paid to share this info, I am just a very satisfied customer.   But if you decide this is for you then by all means use my referral link because it will give YOU and ME a 19.00 credit on our accounts...can't beat that!
Check it out here: Republic

I will NEVER go back to the big name wireless companies again!!!!!!!

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